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Full Product Development

We build platforms from scratch customized to your requirement and company operations. Our process includes an initial consultation to discuss your needs, platform development and delivery, and post-development technical support.

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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation saves on recruiting costs, offers same timezone collaboration, allows for flexible scaling, provides access to diverse talent, and increases talent supply anywhere, enabling efficient and effective achievement of business objectives.

Why choose us

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Strong Communication Skills

Collaborate seamlessly with our developers, boasting exceptional English proficiency and top-notch communication skills.

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Ready-To-Work Team

We provide you with a complete team of developers ready to get on your project immediately.

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Highly Adaptable

With our experience and expertise, our developers will blend in your workflow and rapidly boost your software development output.

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Access To More Developers

We have access to a large network of developers, and upon request, we can source more developers in any field including BI/Data experts.


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Software Engineers


Projects Done


We specialize in Fintech and payment integration with extensive experience in the market.

We offer innovative solutions to optimize the payment processes of your business, adapting to your needs and those of your clients.

How We Optimize Our Work

At Vangwe, beyond the varied technologies shaping our projects, we harness a range of tools to simplify our daily processes. Our toolkit includes Notion, Harvest, GSuite, Timetastic, and Slack. These tools harmonize effectively, assisting in idea sharing, time tracking, communication, scheduling, and collaborative work. United, they underpin Vangwe's work methodologies, fostering efficiency and seamless coordination.

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