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Vangwe designed and developed integrations with over 20 payment gateways, alternative payment methods such as wallets, fraud, and authentication providers.


Paydock is a leader in the field of payment orchestration, dedicated to harmonizing different payment gateways into one unified platform. As the online payment industry keeps evolving and growing, complexity and costs involved for companies to offer a proper set of payment alternatives and running appropriate checks for compliance skyrocket.


As an orchestration platform for various payment gateways, Paydock needed a competent team to integrate different payment methods and wallets into their existing system. The integration required to be seamless and effective, not only to improve the end-user experience but also to ensure operational efficiency. The biggest challenge lies in the fact that Paydock's platform is very complex and the domain is delicate, so the Software Engineers onboarded must be able to understand the business logic, produce high quality code and keep all security standards on check.




We started with a two-person team and a clear objective: to design, plan, and develop a brand new integration of the Stripe payment gateway into the Paydock platform. Fast-forwarding over two years, Vangwe's team has grown to six engineers who have seamlessly assimilated into the Paydock team and operations, playing a pivotal role in various day-to-day functions ranging from solution design and product discovery to development, release, and defect management. Throughout this project, Vangwe designed and developed integrations with over 30 payment gateways, e-wallets, fraud services and 3DS authentication providers into the Paydock platform.


The partnership between Paydock and Vangwe is a resounding success and will last for years to come. The new features implemented by Vangwe are now used by key clients, clearly demonstrating the effective progress and success of the project. In addition to delivering items on time, Vangwe displayed an innate understanding of Paydock's needs, resulting in a project that not only met but exceeded expectations.

We have also helped and supported Paydock’s adoption of agile methodologies, actively collaborating with them throughout the process. Currently, we are successfully implementing a comprehensive Scrum setup company-wide.

The personal relationships nurtured over the years have also been of immense significance, fostering trust and transparency in both directions.

Paydock dashboard


Ihor Maibenko

Head of Integrations at Paydock


Vangwe has successfully implemented all the requested payment gateways and features in a timely manner. The team completely understands the requirements, enabling them to deliver exactly what's needed. They also boast great communication skills and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

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Vangwe's partnership with Paydock underscores the company's prowess in delivering top-tier Software Development services. The successful integration of multiple payment gateways into Paydock's platform is a testament to Vangwe's technical expertise, commitment to understanding client needs, and ability to deliver on time. This success story is yet another example of how Vangwe creates value for its clients, positioning itself as a go-to provider of high-quality software development solutions.

Vangwe visiting Paydock’s offices in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Paydock dashboardPaydock dashboard
Paydock dashboardPaydock dashboard