We are always looking to grow our team. We are a global company that believes diversity is empowering.

We are looking for determined people who value teamwork and an objective-oriented mindset. If you are the right fit, we will have a position for you.

Vangwe team

The selection process is very important and valuable, from beginning to end. That's why we want to tell you the first steps in the process:


Contact Selection

Understanding exactly what we need.

This allows us to better define the profile of the person we are looking for. This way, we establish both the essential and desirable requirements.


Get in touch

Every space we provide is unique!

If you fit with the position we are looking for, we will get in touch. We will have a super pleasant and relaxed conversation where we focus on getting to know the person and discovering what they're passionate about in life, both personally and professionally. We're a company that values cultural fit. After that, we talk about ourselves, who we are, our benefits, work dynamics.


Last one

Offer Letter

The selected candidate will be extended an offer letter to proceed with their onboarding.


  • For me Vangwe is an ideal place to work, the values are clearly shown in our day to day. There is always space to learn, challenge yourself and enjoying the process while doing so. There is a sense of fellowship and trust with colleagues and superiors that is unmatched anywhere else.

  • Romina


  • Gaston


  • Mariela


  • If you feel that our values and culture match with you, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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