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Vangwe built two transformative platforms for Yala Impact, a B2C application to connect donors with the causes they are passionate about, and a spinoff B2B to enable businesses to make a difference and forge lasting bonds with their consumers.


Yala Impact is a top-tier charity platform, connecting numerous individuals and organizations with a variety of charities throughout the United States. Their unique ecosystem, built on the developed Engage platform, enables businesses to establish a culture of giving and grow their positive impact on their communities.


Yala Impact, a dynamic startup with impactful change at its heart, required a competent tech partner to turn their ideas into reality. They needed a platform built from scratch, requiring detailed design and extensive data work. It was essential to find a tech partner who could share their values and deliver on their ambitious project. The partnership would need to involve a team of Software Engineers who understood the business logic, produced high-quality code, and adhered to strict security standards.



Our journey with Yala Impact started small, with a single person and a clear goal: to convert their vision into a tech-based solution. Over several months, we expanded our team to seven Software Engineers, responsible for building both platforms and the necessary underlying data architecture.

Once the MVP was live, we shifted to refining the platform based on user feedback, adopting a data-driven approach to the changes selected to be developed. Today, we continue our partnership in a maintenance role, adjusting our work to Yala Impact's evolving needs.


As Yala Impact's dedicated Tech Partner, Vangwe created two powerful platforms, launching a comprehensive giving ecosystem. This facilitated Yala Impact's management of large-scale charitable contributions, aiding their mission to foster positive social change.

Our partnership's success stands on our commitment to understanding Yala Impact's needs and adjusting our services throughout the journey. Our approach guaranteed the delivery of critical features and highlighted our understanding of their unique requirements.

Throughout the collaboration, we utilized agile methodologies, ensuring rapid development and continual refinement of the platforms to align with Yala Impact's goals.

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Yala CEO Amir

Amir Jbiely

Founder & CEO, Yala


Vangwe functions as our central development team and some of their responsibilities include frontend and backend development. The team is involved in creating concepts, design, strategy, and more. They also provide CTO and architecture services as needed on projects. So far, they've built all of our clients' apps and our internal web app, and they continue to optimize them. They've built our entire data platform and connected it to API data sources to analyze user behaviors. They do what they promise in a timely manner without compromising quality.

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Vangwe's successful partnership with Yala Impact exemplifies our commitment to helping clients bring their vision to life. By building strong, transparent relationships and delivering high-quality software and adaptable solutions, we position ourselves as an excellent Tech Partner for startups.

Vangwe with Yala in the desert of Israel

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