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Vangwe has had the unique opportunity to work alongside Fatsack Outdoors, culminating in the development of a mobile application tailored for the passionate fishing community.


Fatsack, in collaboration with NotionV, a US consulting firm focused on venture capital companies and early-stage startups, is a groundbreaking application designed for fishing enthusiasts. With roots in South Carolina's outdoor sports sphere, Fatsack aims to revolutionize the experience for its user base, infusing innovation and leveraging insights from earlier market successes.


Having once captured the market with a new product, Fatsack faced the inevitable challenge of rejuvenating their offering. The primary goal was to distil market insights from their previous offering and craft a compelling, refreshed MVP.



In response to Fatsack's unique needs, Vangwe commenced the journey of constructing an advanced mobile application. With designs and UX predominantly laid out by Fatsack, our team, which at its peak involved 5 Engineers, developed the mobile application using mostly React Native. A seamless blend of our front-end and back-end capabilities marked our collaboration.


Though the app was freshly launched, early indications are promising showing how users are actively engaging with the app. We ensured that the application had all the analytical tools implemented to harness key data from users, offering Fatsack actionable insights and paving the way for informed decisions in the future.

After the new version of the app was released, we observed a 300% increase in the key engagement metric, the paid subscription trial rate was beyond what's typically seen in the app, and we received lots of positive feedback from passionate anglers.

Andy Volanakis, the Managing Director of NotionV LLC, reflected on our collaboration, appreciating Vangwe's partnership approach and how we always put the highest emphasis on clear and transparent communication. He highlighted our keen understanding, emphasizing our combined dedication to achieving Fatsack's goals.


Andy Volanakis

Managing Director, NotionV LLC


They've done an excellent job building many different aspects of the app that could lead to success. They really feel like partners. We've worked with other companies, and they might have been good technically, but they felt like a third-party company. Vangwe isn't like that; they understand what we're trying to accomplish.

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Our work with Fatsack highlights Vangwe's commitment to going beyond technical services. We deeply engage with the vision, grasp the finer details, and deliver impactful results. With Fatsack, we've demonstrated our drive to bring digital ideas to life.

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