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Success Case

Vangwe collaborated with Monnet to integrate a multitude of Payins and Payouts APIs, creating seamless connections to diverse payment gateways and regional banks across LATAM. Alongside the integrations, Vangwe performed critical changes on the Core platform.

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Monnet stands out as a Payments Processing Platform tailored specifically for the growing LATAM market. With the region's payment landscape constantly changing and becoming increasingly complicated, the demands and hurdles for firms to offer an extensive suite of payment options while maintaining regulatory compliance have surged.

Monnet sought a Tech Partner with Fintech and Payments expertise to ally with that could swiftly increase their capacity to integrate a diverse range of payment methods while maintaining the security criteria and navigating tight schedules.


Being at the forefront of LATAM's payment processing, Monnet required an experienced team to integrate varying payment methods and wallets into their established system. The integration needed to be not only smooth for the end-users but also optimized operational efficiency for Monnet. The intricate nature of Monnet's platform and the sensitive domain implied that the onboarded Software Engineers needed to grasp the business, maintain impeccable code quality, and adhere to all security protocols.



We started with a two-person team and a clear objective: to design, plan, and develop a brand new integration of the Stripe payment gateway into the Paydock platform. Fast-forwarding over two years, Vangwe's team has grown to six engineers who have seamlessly assimilated into the Paydock team and operations, playing a pivotal role in various day-to-day functions ranging from solution design and product discovery to development, release, and defect management. Throughout this project, Vangwe designed and developed integrations with over 30 payment gateways, e-wallets, fraud services and 3DS authentication providers into the Paydock platform.

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The alliance between Monnet and Vangwe continues to grow. The enhancements and features Vangwe brought to the table are now integral to Monnet's core operations, reflecting this venture's genuine growth and success. Beyond just timely deliveries, Vangwe exhibited a deep comprehension of Monnet's objectives, leading to outcomes that surpassed the initial projections.

Relationships, nurtured over time, have become pivotal, laying the foundation for mutual trust and open communication.

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Vangwe's collaboration with Monnet Payment Solutions showcases the firm's capability in offering Payment-focused Software Development services. The integrations into Monnet's platform highlight Vangwe's technical abilities, dedication to aligning with client aspirations, and punctuality delivery. This success narrative further cements Vangwe's reputation as a trusted partner for premium Software Development endeavours.