Success Case

Vangwe led the development of a comprehensive data visualization software, Better Brand Analytics (BBA). This cutting-edge platform empowers brand marketers with crucial insights into various facets of brand marketing, including social media, content marketing, and newsletters.

Better Brand Analytics

Better Brand Analytics stands out as an innovative data visualization tool tailored to the needs of brand marketers. It provides a view of brand marketing performance, offering valuable insights into customer engagement and campaign effectiveness. The challenge was to create a web-based proof of concept that not only focused on developing key pages and features but also piloted the database and data connector architecture effectively.


BBA required a robust and intuitive platform built from the ground up. The project demanded a skilled front-end developer with expertise in data visualization and a back-end developer capable of seamless collaboration with the data lead. With complete UI/UX designs and product documentation ready, the challenge was to assemble a dev team that could bring this idea to life in a dynamic, user-friendly format.


Our collaboration with BBA began with a clear goal: to transform their conceptual vision into a functional web application. Vangwe's team, comprised of adept front-end and back-end developers, took charge of building the homepage of the dashboard and a marketing landing page, focusing on a web-based, desktop-sized design. The project also involved setting up a data database on AWS and integrating it with Power My Analytics for data connectors, thereby ensuring a robust data framework.


The partnership between BBA and Vangwe resulted in the successful creation of a powerful data visualization software. This platform now serves as a pivotal tool for brand marketers, offering insightful analytics and empowering marketing strategies. The project was marked by Vangwe's commitment to understanding BBA's unique needs and adapting our services to meet these requirements effectively.


Amy Gish

Founder, Gish Global LLC


The MVP was completed on time and within budget; it also aligned with the client's expectations — in fact, the frontend was consistent with the product design. The team ensured a seamless process through clear communication and by proactively addressing questions and concerns. Overall, they were a pleasure to work with. They delivered a great product according to my expectations.

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Vangwe's partnership with Better Brand Analytics is a testament to our ability to create tailored software solutions that meet specific client needs. The successful development of BBA's data visualization platform highlights our technical expertise, commitment to client vision, and flexibility in adapting to project demands. This case study reinforces Vangwe's position as a reliable and skilled provider of software development services.