Introducing Our Blog

Stay up to date on Fintech, Payments and Software trends

Welcome to Vangwe's Blog!

As a software factory focused on Fintech and Payments, we're excited to launch this space where we'll be sharing valuable insights, lessons learned, and the latest industry trends.

But before we dive into these insights, let's take a moment to reflect on our beginnings and how it all started!

How Vangwe started

In October 2020, our founders Agustín, Mateo, Martín, and Lucas realized their vision by establishing Vangwe, a software company with a flexible and horizontal structure designed to foster both personal and professional growth.

Why Fintech?

The decision to focus on Fintech projects came naturally, driven by Agustín's extensive experience in the industry, which inspired and motivated his partners to dive into and specialize in this area.

At Vangwe, we are driven by the challenge of enhancing our clients business and payment systems. We are dedicated to boosting conversion rates and incorporating the latest trends, such as digital wallets and payment gateways. By specializing in Fintech, we place ourselves at the cutting edge of transforming how businesses and customers conduct transactions, ensuring that financial operations are seamless and efficient.

Introducing Our Blog

Our Company Values

At the heart of Vangwe is a deep commitment to empowering each individual. We encourage our team members to embrace multiple responsibilities and truly own their contributions. Our culture is grounded in open communication and collaboration principles, ensuring that everyone can leverage their unique strengths in a supportive environment.

Furthermore, we are deeply invested in our clients' success. We approach their challenges as if they were our own, adopting their objectives as our mission every day. This dedication to service ensures that we are not just providers but partners, fully committed to achieving shared goals.

Why This Blog Matters?

This blog will be our channel to share not just what we do, but how and why we do it. Through our posts, we will take you behind the scenes at Vangwe, offering a window into the insights we've gathered, the challenges we've overcome, and cutting-edge trends. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just curious about innovations in the Fintech and Software space, join us!

Introducing Our Blog

Stay Tuned!

In our upcoming posts, we'll dive deep into the tech, trends, and challenges shaking up the Fintech space. And our next article will zoom in on Online Payments and the key players involved.

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